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Emergency Updates from Kamiyama PT

Kamiyama PT clinics will be closed indefinitely until further notice.   We were notified by the Borough of Tenafly that they will be indefinitely closing most small businesses to contain the spread of Coronavirus.   

As we go through these historic times, we want to do what we can to support the community.  We will be offering virtual sessions to continue helping people progress in their pain, function and integration.  If you have interest in this, comment or DM us and we can chat.  

ALSO, to help us cope with the fear of whats going on, we will be sharing and sending out information that we trust (I.E. – World Health Organization) to help educate others about the coronavirus.   Once you know what it is, HOW does it spread and WHAT we can do because of the WHY, I believe this will help empower us and have less fear about the issue.

THEN, we will be doing our best to spread some educational/exercise/concept materials so its useful to the community.  So follow us to help us help you build on a time like this.  

We’ll get through this.   Lets be courageous together.

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