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Frustrated From SCIATICA Pain?

Are You Or Someone You Love Suffering From SCIATICA?

Are You Tired Of Hearing “Just Rest” Or “It's Just Old Age”?

Have You Tried Online Exercises With Little To No Help?

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It is difficult to deal with a problem if we don’t understand it….. So, first lets learn…..


SCIATICA is a medical diagnosis that involves the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body that starts in your lower back, travels through your deep buttock muscles at the level of your tailbone.  The nerve continues down the posterior thigh, branches around the knee, and finishes at the foot.  Common symptoms include pain, numbness and tingling sensations down the leg.

What is the cause of this Pain / Numbness?

Your tingling or numbing sensation down your leg can come from different mechanisms.  A herniated disc in your low back or impingement on the nerve from a tight muscle are a few examples.

When you impinge the SCIATIC nerve along the pathway, it will lead to sciatica symptoms.

Imagine a water hose getting kinked.  The kink affects the flow of water, which leads to other areas after the kink not receiving water.  The nerves act similarly.  The kink affects the flow of blood, which leads to less signal throughout the nerve and sensory input changes.

Just because someone diagnosed you with SCIATICA does NOT mean we know WHY SCIATICA is happening!

We often hear from our clients that once the doctor diagnosed them, they were told that they just needed to rest or were told to take medication. After a few weeks of no improvement, the doctor prescribed stronger medications, which led to new negative effects on their digestion and drowsiness. Another story we hear a lot is; I found this stretch online… but had no long-lasting result.  That is because the root cause of sciatica was not addressed…yet.

However, we have good news.  We are here to show you a solution. If you relate to any of this, you don't have to “Live With It”.  But, by doing nothing, your back pain won’t get better.  So, the next important step is to take action.

Kamiyama PT wants to HELP YOU relieve those symptoms and keep you strong and active so you can enjoy life. 


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