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Welcome to the Lower Back Trouble Shooting Program! 


I designed specifically this for individuals who: 

✔️Suffer from lower back issues that have not progressed 

✔️Looking for further guidance on specific low back exercises 

✔️Want a holistic approach to lower back issues 

✔️Want to take control of their rehabilitation 

✔️Tired of working with Insurance controlled rehab clinics 

✔️Doesn’t want too much of the science fluff and want real applicable exercises 

✔️Want the conservative and affordable route compared to surgery



From the founder of Kamiyama Physical Therapy

Kento Kamiyama, DPT

I designed this program to do what the title says: Trouble Shoot.  

 There are many ways to improve a lower back. However, my goal here is to have your brain and body problem solve and move in various ways that support the lower back. 


In this program, I am sharing exercises that helped many lower back individuals. IN ADDITION, I created another video of each exercise discussing common compensations to increase awareness and create change.  


Of course, I carefully chose exercises that improve your lower back. Do know, however, that the trial-and-error part is where the money is. Perform the movement, review the exercise, and slightly refined the movement. Once your brain experiences distinct movements through problem solving, it creates new connections. When you make new connections, you create more (hopefully improved) options on how to move. When you have more options, you may feel ‘free’.  


It’s not necessarily easy. But I hope to guide you through it with this product. Stay with it. Know that you’re resilient.   


See you in the program.


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