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Physical Therapist

Kento helps people move and feel young again by reconnecting their mind and body even after years of aches and pains.

Passionate about treating the individual systematically, Kento studied countless hours understanding how the human body is an interaction between many systems and not just parts.  Kento taught and is currently teaching nationally for the industry to spread his passion about treating the individual as a whole.  Some courses he has taught include “Spinal and Breathing Assessment”, Smart Tools Level I, and Neurokinetic Therapy.  Kento is involved as an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University for Human Anatomy and Kinesiology.  He is currently in the process of teaching overseas in Japan and acts as a medical consultant for Dr. Training in Tokyo, Japan.

The majority population Kento works with are people aged 30-60+ who wants to gain back their function to either go back to work, back to their physical activities or take care of their loved ones.

On his spare time, Kento loves to spend time with his wife and two kids Kei and Mia playing sports or cooking.

Certifications and Continuing Education:

Postural Restoration

  • Postural Respiration
  • Myokinematic Restoration
  • Pelvic Restoration
  • Impingement and Instability
  • Cervical Revolution
  • Occlusion Integration
  • Postural-Visual Integration
  • Advanced Integration

Functional Range Conditioning, Functional Range Release (Spine and Upper Extremity)

Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1,2,3

Selective Functional Movement Assessment 1 and 2

Functional Movements Taping Rock Tape

SMART Tools Level 1

Movement Impairment Syndromes Level 1 and 2

Immaculate Dissection Level I and II



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