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Did you know that 80% of People in America Suffer Repeatedly for Low Back Pain? – You Don’t Have to be One of Them.

I am pleased to introduce this new community workshop: “How to End Lingering Back Pain So You Can Start your most Confident, Active and Independent Life” 


Here’s who will benefit: 


  •  You experience back pain when you’ve been sitting or standing for longer than 10 minutes 
  • You suffer with severe leg pain when you walk, stand or sit 
  • Painkillers are temporary and the issue keeps coming back 
  • You don’t feel safe about your lower back when you do your activity
  • You had surgery but the recovery you were hoping for never happened 
  • The only way you get relief in your back is when you lean forward or bend forward 
  • You have to ask for help from others 
  • You’re afraid that your back will get worse if you don’t do something about it soon and will limit your quality of life 
  • You’ve been given less than satisfactory advice by your doctor or another healthcare profession and you want to finally found out what can be done 


Here WHAT TO EXPECT when you come to the work shop 


  •  You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals just like you who want to find out exactly what can be done once and for all to help end their back pain 
  • We’ll get a chance to find out all about you, main concerns and what you want to know answers to 
  • How to make the best decision about choosing the right treatment for your back pain 
  • The single biggest mistake the most people with back pain are making that’s actually making it worse 

I will be personally discussing with you on how to get better WITHOUT resorting to medications, injections, surgeries or other products.  


I am hosting this workshop for free, so there is no cost to attend. 


To keep it valuable and interactive we’ve capped it at 7 seats. 


So click HERE to learn more and save your seat! 




Dr. Kento Kamiyama 

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