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I lost faith in physical therapy.  However, your method is exactly what I was looking for.   I get your full attention for the full hour and you are present."

"I’ve been through the experience of where they basically push/pull/twist you and you are a passive participant in the process.  I think what sets you apart is…its interactive, its a 2 way street and its collective experiences."--Gary B.

"It's hard work, and you have to be really committed to doing your corrective exercises, but it's really worth it. It changes your life" - Alona

"もっと力強くなりたい、かつ怪我のないトレーニングができるような体にしたい、というためには是非おすすめです” ~Yoshitomo Mori


Great Class!

Great class yesterday! The content not only reinforced the holistic approach I strive to enforce when treating clients but also emphasized the importance of breathing… Read more “Great Class!”

From a participant of the seminar in North Carolina (Assessment & Corrective Exercise for the Spine)


セミナー2日間、ありがとうございました! 大変勉強になり、なおかつ考えさせてくれる内容でした。 この方法により多くの可能性が出てきました。 リハビリやトレーニングにも行かせるし、Prehabなどにも有効ですね! 素晴らしいセミナーをありがとうございました。 そして何よりKentoさんの素晴らしい人間性が素晴らしいセミナーにつながったと思います。 質問も丁寧に、そしてわかりやすく答えて下さり大変感謝しております。… Read more “丁寧でわかりやすいセミナーをありがとうございました!”

From R.F. (A participant of NKT seminar in Japan)

Can’t is not in this man’s vocabulary

As an avid weight lifter and general exercise enthusiast, working out is my life and one of the few activities that allows me to achieve… Read more “Can’t is not in this man’s vocabulary”

From Z.H. (A client in New York City)

Professionalism, and high standard of care

I met Dr. Kento Kamiyama several years ago during a Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) Seminar. NKT is a treatment modality that addresses the central nervous system… Read more “Professionalism, and high standard of care”

Ashley Whitson CPT, CPI, NKT, FMS, SFG
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