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Can’t is not in this man’s vocabulary

As an avid weight lifter and general exercise enthusiast, working out is my life and one of the few activities that allows me to achieve peace and serenity. However, for the past four years I had been experiencing chronic pain in my traps and upper back. I had seen chiropractors, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, so called “gurus” and nothing worked. Nothing. I was at a loss and at the age of 23 I was ready to accept my fate of being in constant pain. And then one of my many physical therapists recommended I see Kento Kamiyama.

When I first met Kento, I described the general pain and he immediately put me through tests to identify the issues. Little by little, Kento discovered the route of my problem that no other doctor or therapist diagnosed: I was breathing incorrectly.
After giving me a series of corrective exercises, I began to notice significant improvement.

I not only feel better, I look better. Before seeing Kento I was asymmetric and it drove me crazy. For those of you who place the ultimate premium on fitness, when your body doesn’t reflect your work, it’s extremely frustrating. I can now lift more efficiently and the results speak for themselves. He also practices out of a great gym filled with extremely informed individuals who can also lend a hand if needed.

Kento has a keen ability to look at an isolated issue and use a full body approach to correct the issue. I had pain in my traps and Kento realized that I wasn’t utilizing my obliques and back to breathe–nothing to do directly with my trap, but that is where the pain manifested. Using his amazing puzzle solving skills, Kento was able to not only solve my trap issue, but improve my overall flexibility and functionality.

Through combining eastern and western methods, along with regularly teaching, Kento uses the most effective methods and is hands down the most knowledgeable therapist I’ve dealt with. He is a very kind-hearted individual who genuinely listens to what is causing you pain. Kento is not arrogant in the slightest and truly wants to help you improve. During one session, he realized that I did not need the full hour so he offered me a very generous prorated fee; he was happier to see me feeling well than to get a bigger check.

Can’t is not in this man’s vocabulary; he will do whatever it takes to fix any problems you’re experiencing. I strongly encourage anyone who is in any sort of physical pain to seek this man out. You will not be sorry and your results will speak volumes.