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WORKSHOP~ PULLING: Deeper Look at Scapular Retraction~

Our shoulder seminar continues!  Have you thought about your posture and was told “You need to pull your shoulders back?”  Do you perform rowing exercises to keep your shoulders happy but you STILL feel stuck?  Maybe you are pulling more weight but you don’t FEEL good?  

We are getting deeper in our discussions and we will keep going on 2/25/20 2pm at our 60 min “Pulling: Deeper look at Retraction” workshop.  This workshop is geared towards personal trainers and healthcare practitioners at no cost.  

Come join us if you: 

  • Want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who have similar questions and drive to learn 
  • You want to improve your shoulder knowledge 

Contact us at  to reserve your seat and see if the workshop is for you! 

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