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Do you not feel safe in a squat because:

  1. You have knee pain or discomfort during a squat?
  2. Feel back strain during as squat?
  3. Do not feel your core supporting you in a squat?

If you feel any of these, I created videos giving you cue that may help you feel safer in a squat.


BUT, I don’t want you to forget something.

When I’m treating, there is one thing I care about a lot.

To feel safe

Once we established safety, we build on top of a ‘safe’ foundation. When the body does not feel safe, your nervous system will do whatever it takes to get you back to homeostasis (aka balance). If we ignore its alert signal, the body can work against us. This may lead to feelings like back pain, hip pain, knee pain, any negative response.

Therefore, it’s important to note how it “feels” to you when you try out these cues. If you feel these cues help, I’m glad. If it doesn’t, I hope you don’t criticize yourself and investigate why it might not be working.

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