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What Would Kento Read? #3~ The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book


Non-verbal Communication: It’s effect on Treatment
The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book: Origins of Attachment

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical therapy practice has changed forever. 

Many patients were afraid of coming in because of the increased risk of infection. Thankfully, zoom sessions have been a wonderfully safe alternative for the therapist and the patient. Zoom sessions gained a unique challenge: increase in face-to-face time with patients. 

As a father of two, I have learned and became more curious about how we communicate non-verbally. I wondered how it could affect our treatment and also wondered its influence on movement. 

This is when I bumped into Dr. Beatrice Beebe’s work. She has done half a century of research on mother-infant communication. To me, this has helped me understand something intuitive. I became more conscious about something that often happens just under our awareness.  

I wanted to share a video and book of Beatrice Beebe because I believe it is important.    


Here’s the link of the book on Amazon


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