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Virtual Rehab Physical Therapy (PT) – What You Need to Know

Virtual physical therapy: it’s on everyone’s mind right now. The novel coronavirus has flung our world onto its side.  For those that are new to virtual rehab, I want to answer these 3 questions:  

  1.  What is telehealth physical therapy?
  2.  How can telehealth be delivered successfully?
  3. Why should you consider virtual rehab?

What is telehealth physical therapy?
Simply put, “telehealth physical therapy” (or “virtual physical therapy”) refers to physical therapy services that are provided over a technology platform, rather than by in-person means.  

Other phrases referring to telehealth physical therapy might include (depending on your specific role):

  • telemedicine physical therapy
  • telePT
  • teletherapy
  • telerehab
  • online physical therapy
  • virtual physical therapy
  • Virtual Rehab

How is telehealth delivered successfully?
There are a few factors that will allow the session to be successful.

  1.  Have good internet access 
  2. A portable computer works best.   Having a laptop, phone or tablet that has a camera will work well in case you need to move around to give the therapist multiple angles for visual movement/postural assessment
  3. Good audio 
  4. Have space to move around.
  5. If need be, have a partner in case you need some help 
  6. Be prepared:  If you have information that the PT can use (IE- MRI, X-ray, YOUR PERSONAL Goals for the session), this can be very helpful for the therapist.  The therapist may suggest certain equipment prior to the session.  

Watch our mock session HERE: 

Why Should You Consider Virtual Rehab??
You might be asking yourself, “How can virtual rehab be effective?” And that’s a great question!!! 

Technology has been improving at a staggering rate the past decade.  The video, audio and interactive quality with telehealth has improved dramatically. 

As a practice that emphasizes on improving movement, integration and education, ~90% of what we do in a live session can get done virtually.  Many patients are surprised how well and effective this is.  

AND while the state is on lockdown during the coronavirus this is a PHENOMENAL way to continue progressing AND feel better with your body and mind.  

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