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Hip Impingement Webinar Recap!

Did you miss the Hip Impingement Webinar? Did you wish that you could’ve made it OR wanted your family or friend to see it?
These are special situations… and I want to continue to roll as long as we can.
So if you are going through any pinching, nagging hip pain, this is for YOU.

If you are a curious individual that just wants to learn more, here it is for YOU too!!

If you have a friend or family that is scared and afraid about there groin pain, hip pain, snapping hip pain, or weak hips, this is for YOU too!!

Please Enjoy the FREE WEBINAR and Here is a quick break down.

First 30 min Discusses About:

1. What is Hip Impingement?

2. Types of Hip Impingement: Structural/Movement

3. Common Postures and Movement Patterns in Hip Pain

4. WHY certain posture lead to pinching

Rest of the Video 30min-40min

Q and A from the Audience. Some questions included:

1. Pelvis position matter with Glute drills?

2. Small Case study of an attendee

3. Discussions of how people can have multiple levels of compensations


NOW…. Lets keep this going.

We are doing a webinar next week on MEDIAL KNEE PAIN.
If you’d like to have the announcement in your inbox, please contact us at We will email you the details very soon.

Have a safe and healthy weekend, everyone!

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