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Wednesday Reads: Video version

Happy Wednesday guys!  Here are 3 videos I filmed the previous weeks about basic movement patterns of the push up, deadlift and regression/progressions to a deadlift.

1.  Push Ups

One of the things that is often forgotten about the push up is that its a moving plank.  Hence, having a stable lumbopelvic region along with good scapular control is essential for a strong, stable and safe push up.  Hope you enjoy!

2. Hip Hinge/Deadlift to save the back

Hip Hinge or the deadlift is one of my favorite exercise.  Utilizing a hip hinge strategies allows the gluteus maximus and hamstring to activate to decrease stress on the erector muscles.

3.  Regression and Progressions of a Hip Hinge/Deadlift

As much as I love the deadlift, some may not be able to perform it since they are not sure how to hip hinge, don’t have the mobility, don’t know how to create intra-abdominal pressure.  Here are some regression and progressions to a deadlift.  Hope you enjoy!


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