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“Yes, Work Stress is Literally Pain in The Butt” Webinar May 5th, Tuesday 2pm

REGISTER for ‘Yes, Work Stress is Literally Pain in the Butt’ TUESDAY 5/5/20 2pm

Ever notice that your back hurts more when you’re having a hard day at work?

Has your neck and shoulder pain been a bit more aggravating since being quarantined at home?

You’re onto something and we’re going to get to the bottom of this mysterious nagging pain that keeps flaring up when you’re feeling more stressed and upset.

You may have heard about this idea of the “Mind-Body” connection. But what does that really mean?

I have EXCITING news for you all – We have a guest speaker joining us in our next webinar to answer that exact question!

My friend and expert Alexander Rascovar, is a psychotherapist in NYC who specializes in helping people cope with difficult emotions and relationships. He will provide some valuable insights about this connection between our bodies and our minds.

Come join this Q and A webinar where two worlds (mind and body) come together.

I believe the more you learn about yourself, the more you understand the world. During the COVID lockdown, we are offering free webinars to help you better understand your physical issues. Your feedback has been so positive that we are thrilled to continue this series of webinars. Don’t miss our next one!

Register Here:

Yes, Work Stress is Literally Pain in the Butt WEBINAR

Register Here

See you there!!

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