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Kettlebell Swing Before and After Correctives
Watch the before and after kettle bell swing of this individual after a few correctives. He was complaining of hip and back pain after swings. With a few correctives, not only does his form improve but better hip and back :). A few correctives goes a long way.

Hip Hinge to lift without Back Pain
Having lower back pain when lifting objects off the ground? Maybe you’re not using your hips well enough. Watch this video from Dr. Kento Kamiyama explaining the difference of using your hips to lift objects vs the back.

Hardstyle Push Up to save your shoulders
Push Ups are generally thought of as a shoulder/chest/triceps exercise. However, many do forget that push up is a moving plank. Without a good abdominal, glutes and quad activation, most of the force can be put on the shoulders/elbows and wrist which could lead to issues in the upper extremity. Try these cue out to keep your push ups safe and powerful.

Breathing with core muscles (in Japanese)
In this video, Kento explains the importance of using core muscles for runners.

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