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-“I met Dr. Kento Kamiyama several years ago during a Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) Seminar. NKT is a treatment modality that addresses the central nervous system through specific assessments and corrective exercises. I was just beginning to step away from a professional modern dance career and into the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer. I began as a classically trained dancer which provided me with a good understanding of human movement but I needed to learn much more in order to train the general population how to move well and exercise. Dr. Kamiyama became a life-line for me in this process. He always makes me feel comfortable to ask my many questions and provides me with the most intelligent answers.

When Dr. Kamiyama became a lead instructor for NKT and started leading his own study groups on the material, I was thrilled! These groups are attended by other professionals in the field including physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and massage therapists. His way of teaching is always well thought out so that tough and complicated concepts are clearly understood. He is truly invested in his students and wants to make sure no one is left behind during the learning process.

Not only is Dr. Kamiyama a teacher and mentor, he became my physical therapist as well. I spent over a year training for The StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Certification (SFG), which is one of the most intense programs in the industry. One of the requirements is to perform 100 kettlebell snatches in under 5 minutes. Dr. Kamiyama is an SFG himself so he understands first hand the rigors of learning the bell. During my training, I developed “trigger finger” also known as stenosing tenosynovitis. In just one visit Dr. Kamiyama solved the problem. He watched me do a few kettlebell swings and was able to see the issue right away. I had an intrinsic core “leak”, meaning I lost deep abdominal stability during the swing and was relying too much on my fingers. Most doctors or therapists would have sent me home with anti-inflammatories and told me to rest rather than finding the true cause of the problem. Using his strong physical therapy education, Neurokinetic Therapy and Postural Restoration knowledge, along with his own kettlebell background, Dr. Kamiyama was able to coach me and send me home with the correctives that addressed the root of the problem. I performed my exercises as recommended and my pain was gone, never to return. With Dr. Kamiyama’s help, I was able to pass the snatch test and become a certified SFG. If only I knew him when I was dancing!

After having studied from Dr. Kamiyama and seeing him myself for treatment, he became my first choice of clinicians to refer clients to if they were experiencing pain. One gentleman in his mid-forties had neck pain since he was a child. After seeing Dr. Kamiyama his pain occurred much less frequently and after just a few visits the pain ceased. Another woman in her 80’s with spinal stenosis had a wobbly gait and can now balance on one leg. On the other end of the spectrum, an advanced male climber who continued to plateau in his training due to reoccurring injuries, is now a mid 5.11 climber on a scale 5.0-5.15.

Dr. Kamiyama is devoted to helping his clients achieve physical and mental health. His passion for anatomy and human movement leads him to constantly seek out more knowledge by taking a variety of continuing education courses so he can always bring his patients the best of himself. I know many clinicians and practitioners in the field are inspired by Dr. Kamiyama, his professionalism, and high standard of care.

Ashley Whitson CPT, CPI, NKT, FMS, SFG”

-“As an avid weight lifter and general exercise enthusiast, working out is my life and one of the few activities that allows me to achieve peace and serenity. However, for the past four years I had been experiencing chronic pain in my traps and upper back. I had seen chiropractors, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, so called “gurus” and nothing worked. Nothing. I was at a loss and at the age of 23 I was ready to accept my fate of being in constant pain. And then one of my many physical therapists recommended I see Kento Kamiyama. 

-“When I first met Kento, I described the general pain and he immediately put me through tests to identify the issues. Little by little, Kento discovered the route of my problem that no other doctor or therapist diagnosed: I was breathing incorrectly.
After giving me a series of corrective exercises, I began to notice significant improvement.
I not only feel better, I look better. Before seeing Kento I was asymmetric and it drove me crazy. For those of you who place the ultimate premium on fitness, when your body doesn’t reflect your work, it’s extremely frustrating. I can now lift more efficiently and the results speak for themselves. He also practices out of a great gym filled with extremely informed individuals who can also lend a hand if needed.
Kento has a keen ability to look at an isolated issue and use a full body approach to correct the issue. I had pain in my traps and Kento realized that I wasn’t utilizing my obliques and back to breathe–nothing to do directly with my trap, but that is where the pain manifested. Using his amazing puzzle solving skills, Kento was able to not only solve my trap issue, but improve my overall flexibility and functionality.
Through combining eastern and western methods, along with regularly teaching, Kento uses the most effective methods and is hands down the most knowledgeable therapist I’ve dealt with. He is a very kind-hearted individual who genuinely listens to what is causing you pain. Kento is not arrogant in the slightest and truly wants to help you improve. During one session, he realized that I did not need the full hour so he offered me a very generous prorated fee; he was happier to see me feeling well than to get a bigger check.

Can’t is not in this man’s vocabulary; he will do whatever it takes to fix any problems you’re experiencing. I strongly encourage anyone who is in any sort of physical pain to seek this man out. You will not be sorry and your results will speak volumes.  “-From Z.H. (A client in New York City)





たくさん復習し、自分のものとしてAsseeementの一つのToolとして活用していきたいと思います。” -From R.F. (A participant of NKT seminar in Japan)

-“Great class yesterday!  The content not only reinforced the holistic approach I strive to enforce when treating clients but also emphasized the importance of breathing efficiently and effectively and how much it plays a role in overall function. I walked away from that course with new tools for my toolbox and a great experience. It appeared everyone was engaged the entire day (something I do not typically see when taking continuing ed), which can only be attributed to the great instructor. Content is content. But, when you have someone who’s passionate about the information, engages the class through hands-on activities and open discussion, you create an unforgettable learning experience. – From a participant of the seminar in North Carolina (Assessment & Corrective Exercise for the Spine)”

-“Dr. Kamiyama, who was very knowledgeable on the topic, was able to educate us to help further improve our assessment and treatment of the spine. He demonstrated good assessment and treatment examples and provided great feedback during our practice sessions.” – From a participant of the Seminar in FL (Assessment & Corrective Exercise for the Spine)

-“Kento was an excellent speaker. He was able to simplify complex concepts and demonstrated techniques well.”- From a participant of the Seminar in FL (Assessment & Corrective Exercise for the Spine)

-“This course was excellent overall. The instructor was very knowledgeable about anatomy and functional movement. These are concepts that I can immediately apply to my practice and have done so already!”- From a participant of the Seminar in FL (Assessment & Corrective Exercise for the Spine)

-“Dr. Kento, thank you very much for treating my daughter, Kiyoka! She‘s been pain free for 6 weeks and re-gained her confidence with your support.”-T.N.

-“I do ultra marathons, and always something aches. But nothing has become really serious because I can visit you before too late! Now I have run 10+ ultra races including a 100 miler.  Thank you Kento so so much.”-Ayako


-“Kento, You are AWESOME!
Thank you for a super session and for all of this follow up exercise!  I’m so excited to be working with you and I look up to you.
You possess beautiful professionalism, coupled with keen high skills, insights, thorough support and loving kindness!   You’ve got the whole package going on 🙂   I’ll do my best to be a good client and do my HEP!   I’m thrilled — thank YOU KENTO! ” – Catherine
-“I was in the middle of training for the Boston Marathon when all of a sudden I was experiencing deep hip pain. I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to run in the Marathon after putting in months of hard work. I had 3 session with Kent and my hip pain was gone. I also ran my marathon personal record. If it wasn’t for his creativity with treatment, I might have been unable to participate in my life goal. Thanks Kento, I would recommend anyone to see you no matter how large or small their issue is.” – L.G. 

-“What a smart guy! Kento is the bomb at assessing movement dysfunction and explaining the nuances to people like me. He is super positive and clearly loves his work. If you need a practitioner for yourself or a client, or need another set of eyes when working on your own client…seek him out” – M.A. (Massage Therapist)

-“PS. You are a genius. Did posterior pelvic tilt with (name) combined with holding him/her pee and then he/she had bladder control for the first time in 1 1/2 weeks. I take my hat off to you!!” – E.B. (Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist) 
-“Hi K! Mom was walking SO WELL after your session…better than ever. Thank you so much!” -E.B.
-“Thank you so much for today! My entire system feels a lot better and relaxed!” -A.I.

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