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Tired of therapist treating ONLY the body part that hurts?  Selective Functional Movement Assessment is a tool to assess and breakdown an individual’s movement pattern.  When assessment is initiated from a movement pattern perspective, the clinician has the opportunity to identify meaningful impairments that may be unrelated to the main complaint, but contributes to the associated disability. This concept also known as Regional Interdependence.  The SFMA helps us treated the body as a whole through movement patterns.
Postural Restoration Institute

Postural Restoration Institute is a system that assesses the science of postural adaptation and natural asymmetries.   Utilizing positional techniques along with breathing techniques Postural Restoration Institute provides powerful ways to bring your body back to neutrality aka balance.


Neurokinetic Therapy is a assessment and technique tool to find muscle compensation patterns through manual muscle testing.  Its an assessment tool that is considered the “missing links” because it helps fix many motor control pattern efficiently and with less pain.  Through NKT assessment other treatment techniques enhances by ten fold.

Kamiyama Physical Therapy founder Kento Kamiyama is certified as Russian Kettlebell Challenge Level I Kettlebell Instructor.  Once the client is in less pain, the client will be supplemented with foundational strength to improve overall function.  Once you are out of pain, it is essential to build stability and strength around it so your body is able to tolerate more rigorous activities.  Kettle bell training is considered one of the best to improve functional strength!
Functional Range Release and Functional Anatomy Palpation is an advanced specialized soft tissue technique and assessment system to improve tissue quality from a scientific and research based manual therapy.
Rocktape is a form of Kinesiology taping to improve pain and movement.  Rock tape is applied to individuals to help prolong the therapeutic effect after therapy.  Other use of Rocktape include edema control, pain relief and muscle activation or inhibition.



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