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Awareness for Chronic Pain, Obers test, Rehab and Capacity: Article Sharing Time

Written by Kento Kamiyama PT, DPT

Hurricane Jonas has hit us like a ton of bricks.  As I shoveled a total of 4 hours of snow on Sunday (most of our neighbors did the same), I was able to manage to put this together for this week.

  1.  Quick interview between Greg Spatz and Bill Hartman
    • Any technique we use can be useful especially in the right context.  Once your form, ROM, positioning and pain is decreased maybe it is actually a capacity issue (endurance, strength, anaerobic/aerobic).  Depending on what you find, the type of intervention would differ.  Its just important to know when to apply them.  Great interview by these two. Its all a spectrum right?


2.  Mike Robertson’s quick cue on RDLs

  • I’ve been following IFAST stuff more recently.  I must say they provide some really good cues on exercises either it be external or internal cue.  Having multiple cues I believe is important since every client learns things differently.  Chest over bar….genius.


3.  Awareness as an Agent of Change by Seth Oberst

  • This is not necessarily a new article but I came across this through the Facebook newsfeed.  I’ve read some of Seth’s articles and I’m glad I read this one.  Many chronic pain patients or just chronic behaviors and patterns can be happening due to the lack of awareness.  Becoming aware is the first step.  What I tend to see is a pattern of sudden fear or denial once the individual gets to the awareness stage.  This I believe is when continued support, guidance and empathy from the clinician is crucial.  Its not always about the technique but showing them that you care and its going to be okay.

4.  Obers Test Research 

  • We are taught that Obers test measure IT Band length but its really not.  As per the research it assesses more of the proximal hip structures such as the gluteus medius/minimus.  Also it could be due to bony blocks secondary to pelvis position.


Stay Warm!



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