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Monday Funday Reads: Updates on stretching, posture and IT Band

Written by Kento Kamiyama PT, DPT

stretching everywhere

There has been a ton of good material online recently thanks to the experts in the field out there trying to relay good information.  Hence, it must be spread and shared.  As we progress in our careers it is important to update our information and fine tune our thoughts on certain things.  You ready for the challenge?  Without further ado, here are some good reads:


  1.  What does stretching do to a joint? Part 1.  A post from Greg Lehman on challenging his own biases to see if the joint can actually loosen or stays stiff.  I also was more on the stretch tolerance camp but I like how he becomes more specific.  Must read to update your thoughts.
  2. Stretching tendons: What can we do and why we should challenge our biases: Part 2 Part 2 of the article above from Greg Lehman.  The result of this may surprise you.
  3. Posture Matters:  Does posture matter?  Through research, there is poor correlation between posture and pain.  According to my experiences this is true.  I’ve worked with many individuals who have less than optimal postural positioning with no pain.  However, like anything else as I progress into my career: IT DEPENDS.  Bill Hartman, PT from IFAST Physical Therapy with a nice video clip on the idea.


Honorable Mention:  The mechanical case against foam rolling the IT Band.  It can not lengthen and it is NOT tight.   One of the things I teach in my seminars to challenge our current thoughts.  The Obers test is one of the ways we learned how to test IT Band tightness.  However, I’ve seen and improved Obers test without even touching or stretching the IT band.  Great read by Greg Lehman yet again.


Have a great week everyone!

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