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Monday Funday Reads: Business Reads

Written by Kento Kamiyama PT, DPT

I am piss poor with business.  However, I’m learning.  When starting a business or working in the real world, it is nice to have some ideas on how to progress in your career by understanding some business reads.

  1.  Prepare for Opportunity by Pete D– this is a great blog post.  Very similar to what my father has taught me and I can’t thank him enough for this.  Definitely follow your passion.  However, you still need to work on the fundamentals and prepare yourself to be able to take the next step when opportunity arrises.  This may mean learning billing codes, learning how to talk to people, or working on your weakest links.  Don’t skip fundamentals because its boring.  Practice it because your good strengths will become great by working on the fundamentals and when the opportunity presents itself you have a solid foundation.
  2. Books, Blogs and Business by Pete D – another great one from Pete. I love the part “authenticity is more than getting noticed”.  I’ve seen some individuals who will sell, sell sell their product, technique etc and once you meet them and experience their product or work, the authenticity is lacking.  You may get leads well with this but likely they are out the door very quickly.  If you want long term success, keep your integrity.
  3. Top 5 Signs of Poor Management – solid post from Dr. Ben Fung.  Management is not easy and having good management may be a large factor if you want to stay in the company or not.  Good solid post in what to look for when looking for jobs.

Have a good week!

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